Montana Women For provides education and advocacy to encourage the participation and empowerment of women within our democracy. MWF adheres to a progressive and socially conscious agenda, advocates for critical issues and works to hold our government accountable for its actions.

What we do:

In the years since our founding in 2004 we have sponsored events and speakers, joined demonstrations, testified at hearings, marched in parades and protests, offered film series, and raised funds for local groups whose work we support. We are centered in Livingston, but we have members all over south central Montana and we sponsor and support events all over the area.

Our name reflects the positive nature of our approach. We are Montana women (and some men, too) for… too many things to list in a title: Peace, Justice, Equality, Environment, Arts, Democracy, etc, etc. Our mission statement outlines the focus and our members and board supply the issues, and the ideas, and the passion.

Become a Member:

Membership dues are $25 generally, but if you are “living lightly” you can use our special $10 rate. Or, if you are feeling generous, you can pay higher dues as a donation. If you would like to become a member, here are your choices:

  • Join us online: [This option coming soon!]click here to fill out the online membership form. Then, choose your dues under Level of Support below and click on the Pay Now button to pay your dues online or mail us a check to Montana Women For, PO Box 2196, Livingston, MT 59047.
  • Join us by mail: click here to download a membership form to print out. Fill out the form and mail it, along with a check for your membership dues, to Montana Women For, PO Box 2196, Livingston, MT 59047.

Level of Support
Living Lightly Dues $10.00Dues and Donation $50.00Double Dues and Donation $100.00

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Our Blog:

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Feel free to look around our website. Both the site and the organization are works in progress.? We welcome your participation and suggestions.